Statue of Liberty is Egyptian?

Most people around the world know of the great statue that is the Statue of Liberty or the lady of liberty. She stands outside of New York City welcoming immigrants to our shores with torch in hand and a promise of a new and wonderful life in the United States of America. She was a gift to us from the French by architect Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. This may be the most famous statue depicting freedom in the world, and one of the greatest American symbols.

She wasn’t always planned to be that though. Bartholdi originally planned on having this statue built at the Suez Canal. With other great monuments like the Sphinx and the Pyramids, he was no doubt certain that Egypt would be happy to have another such structure. Sadly, for him, they declined on this offer.

Now with this massive idea in his head and no longer a place to put it, he looked for other venues. The United States had just won its Civil War and was prospering into a stronger more economical country. A perfect fit for Bartholdi.